Yamina (Villa 3): after his revelations about Nekfeu … she’s sorry !

Yamina (Villa 3): after his revelations about Nekfeu …
 she’s sorry !

The talented Nekfeu loves that his private life remains private. But it was not counting on Yamina, known especially for being one of the candidates of the last season of The Villa of Broken Hearts, a dating program currently broadcast on NT1, who decided to swing everything on his flirt with the rapper French … in the bath of Jeremstar. In particular, the young woman has proudly revealed having made preliminary with the interpreter of “We’ll see”. Internet users, they were quick to point out to him that she should have kept this for her and fans of Nekfeu got involved. Yamina then decided, faced with a shower of criticism, to apologize to the artist. It is on Snapchat that the brunette with the incendiary cleavage and the ultra pulpy mouth has done her mea-culpa. “It was a very small thing, we saw each other once, we talked well, we did not even sleep together, it was a passing adventure, it was more than two years ago, So it’s really rotten, but I apologize, because it also shows Nekfeu and it was not my wish, “she said. See also: Nekfeu teases Yann Moix in ONPC Anne-Sophie Jilot-Guerand

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