Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
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Yamina (Villa 3) fired after a slap at Raphael, she balance on his departure in tears (VIDEO)

Doing shocking revelations about his departure from La Villa 3 because of Raphael, Yamina made the buzz on the Web ! Yesterday’s show NT1 after hitting Raphael as part of a game before it escalated, the candidate responded after the episode aired to the images she saw. In tears on Snapchat, Yamina explains that this adventure was difficult for her, be it Quentin, the work she had to do on herself … And that she is always moved to see these pictures again. The editor of melty offers to discover in the video below the explanation of the candidate on her departure!

In this video, Yamina recognizes that she was strong in slapping Raphael: “I am a savage, I admit it” ! She did not have the reflex to apologize first and when the candidate insulted her, she immediately responded and did not let herself go. She adds that during the episode, “I cried because I knew what was going on” . Raphael was doing everything she could to exclude her and she was afraid that “Rebeus” are cataloged as violent depending on the montage of images, which fortunately shows all this as a part of fun that went wrong. Internet users have lynched Yamina following these revelations on La Villa 3!

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