Yanet García vs. Issa Vegas compete for the most daring PHOTOS on Instagram

Yanet Garcia and Issa Vegas They are two fitness models and influencers. Their incredible bodies led them to establish themselves as stars of social networks, but also to steal the hearts of all their fans. Now, it is said that there is a fight to see who is the sexiest woman on the internet, since they have Pretty hot photos on their profiles.

On the one hand, Yanet takes a series of photos that end with test instagram rules, as she constantly appears in underwear or swimsuits that leave little to the imagination. The vast majority are to promote their OnlyFans.

While the vast majority of Argentines share moments on the beach or some sports or casual outfits that leave little to the imagination. In other words, the two show off their statuesque bodies.

a great resemblance

Despite being quite different in many ways. Fans found a similarity, as Both Yanet García and Issa Vegas have pomps worthy of admiration. Largely because of the amount of exercise they do, but it also has to do with the genetics of the two.

Another point they share is that the two they live in los angeles or so it seems thanks to a photo Issa, where you can see a cafe with a special decoration “I (heart) LA” and some postcards where you can see him enjoying baseball games.

The important thing is not to see who is better, but to enjoy their content, since beyond their physique, they are a clear example of fashion and discipline. Those sculptural bodies are the product of a lot of exercise and good nutrition. His postcards also serve to have ideas of some outfits sexy for a special meeting or to go to the beach and attract attention.

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