Yang Joon-hyuk’s wife said, “I’m 19 years old because I’m 10 billion, so I’m not going to get rid of it?”

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SBS Plus’You can talk to my sister’

[인사이트] Reporter Park Da-sol = Former baseball player Yang Joon-hyuk and Park Hyun-seon, who is about to marry, confessed to her concerns about her boyfriend.

On the 22nd broadcast of SBS Plus’You Can Tell My Sister’, Park Hyun-seon, who had been married for about two months, appeared and said, “Because you say that you are marrying Yang Jun-hyuk, who is known to be a 10 billion dollar asset at the age of 19, you are misunderstood, but this is not true at all. “I said, “he expressed regret.

After the announcement of the marriage, Park Hyun-seon was under stress because of Yang Jun-hyuk, who showed a tendency to be salty, unlike rumors that he was a 10 billion asset price rather than pouring bad comments.

Park Hyun-seon said, “I saw 100,000 won worth of books a while ago. But after seeing the notification text, Yang Jun-hyuk called immediately and nagged me, saying,’What did you buy like that?” In addition, he said that he would register for Pilates to manage his body because the marriage is in front of him, so he said,’Why are you only thinking about spending money?’


InsightSBS Plus’You can talk to my sister’

He said, “Even if I look at my wallet or clothes while in a relationship, I don’t know where on earth I spend my money. Sometimes my brother says,’If I die, it’s all yours.'”

Yang Joon-hyuk, who only spends money on usual eating, presented a’one LED flower’ that did not wither at the words of the bride-to-be who wanted to receive flowers on Park Hyun-seon’s birthday.

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In addition, in the process of preparing for marriage, Yang Joon-hyuk’s’salty’ aspect was revealed intact.

Park Hyun-sun expressed regret, saying, “Aren’t you usually fitting a gift ring with a diamond? I really want to wear it because it’s so pretty. He said it’s so pretty, so he said,’I’ll do it later.’ .


InsightSBS Plus’You can talk to my sister’

Yang Joon-hyuk, who appeared in the studio afterwards, replied, “I can give you a diamond ring, but in fact, you don’t wear it once. Of course I have the heart to buy it. But, it seems like a diamond ring is luxurious and not practical.”

He said, “I’m honestly worried because I’m 19 years old with my wife. It means I’m saving it now for the future. Just because a prospective wife does not have the skills. If you want to raise a child in the future, you have to save it. I want to raise 2 boys and 1 daughter.” He revealed the reason why he had no choice but to nag to the prospective bride.

Finally, Yang Jun-hyuk confessed, saying, “It’s not so salty. I only have a lot of worries about the future. I have about 100 children as a foundation, and my sponsorship is decreasing because of Corona 19. So, I had a lot more troubles.” .

Lee Young-ja, who watched this, said, “I have to have fun preparing for marriage, but I feel that Yang Joon-hyuk is taking care of it. Give my wife the share of love that should be given to her, apart from the children she supports.”


InsightSBS Plus’You can talk to my sister’

Naver TV’You can talk to my sister’



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