Yang Lina joins the Paris Saint-Germain women’s football team on loan. 10 people will study abroad to better promote the development of Chinese women’s football_Yang Lina_Player_League

Original title: Yang Lina joins the Paris Saint-Germain women’s football team on loan, 10 people will study abroad to better promote the development of the Chinese women’s football team

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On August 13, local time, the Paris Saint-Germain women’s football team officially announced that Yang Lina had officially joined the team on loan. The lease period is until June 2023. The 28-year-old Yang Lina can choose to study abroad in Paris to develop, and it can be said that she has a tenacious fighting spirit. Her study abroad will better promote the development of domestic women’s football.

As a 28-year-old player, Yang Lina is not young. But she still chooses to study abroad for development, which shows her tenacious fighting spirit and desire to pursue the peak in her football career. And her study abroad will better inspire domestic female football players to learn from him. At the same time, in addition to Yang Lina, Li Mengwen also joined the Paris Club team. Moreover, Li Mengwen also followed the Paris team in the first round of the Ligue 1 Women’s Football League against Suyau-Charente, coming off the bench in the 55th minute and helping the team to a 2-2 draw. Now there are two female football players from China who are both playing for Paris Saint-Germain. Then this will not only improve the football level of the two female football players, but also better encourage young Chinese women’s football players to actively go to higher-level platforms abroad to study abroad for development. At the same time, it also inspires female football players to move forward towards a better football career.

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At present, 10 Chinese women’s football players have studied abroad for development. For example, Li Mengwen and Yang Lina stayed abroad in the same club and team, and Shen Mengyu and Shen Menglu also stayed abroad in the Celtic team of the Su Chao women’s football team. In the new season’s match against Hibernian in the Soviet Super League, two young players got the opportunity to play on the same stage and helped the team to a 9-0 victory over the opponent.

Yang Lina is a midfielder who stayed abroad in Paris, France, which means that there are currently three Chinese women’s football players in the top leagues where they are very competitive, including Tang Jiali and Yang Lina’s Paris teammate Li Mengwen. 28 years old is too old, but Yang Lina is still eager to do her best in her football career to spell her best state.

Paris Ladies is arguably one of the strongest teams in the Ligue 1 women’s football league. They finished second in the top domestic women’s football league last season. In the previous season, they won the Ligue 1 Women’s Football Championship. Our Li Mengwen and Yang Lina can play in the Ligue 1 in such a team, which is naturally very good for female football players.

Yang Lina followed the Shui Qingxia Corps to compete in the Asian Cup at the beginning of this year and won the championship. In last year’s National Games, Yang Lina also performed well, helping the Olympic United team win the National Games championship. However, playing football in China, although he can always show a strong combat effectiveness, his level of competition is limited. Yang Lina is eager to go to a higher-level league abroad and pursue a stronger state of the game. His stay in Paris this time is not only a challenge but also an opportunity for herself. At the same time, his stay abroad also shows that Chinese women football players are the best football players in China. Fully equipped to compete in the Ligue 1 league. In terms of studying abroad in the French Ligue 1, in addition to Wang Shuang who has studied abroad for the Paris club team, Li Mengwen and Yang Lina have successively studied abroad in Paris. The Chinese women’s football team is developing in a good direction.

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In fact, the current Chinese women’s football team has the potential to become a world-class team. The failure of the previous performance in the Tokyo Olympic Games was more due to the fact that we did not send the strongest lineup. In terms of the Asian Cup competition, coach Shui Qingxia has selected outstanding domestic female football players to form a lineup through the outstanding players in the National Games, coupled with her discerning eyes. won the Asian Cup.

Shui Qingxia

After the Asian Cup, this is just the beginning for us. Overseas players have sprung up to go to higher-intensity stadiums to experience training, and female football players also followed Shui Shui Qingxia to the United States for overseas training after the East Asia Cup. In the process of training, Wang Shuang also stayed abroad in the United States NWSL Louisville Athletic Women’s Football Team and became the main force, which further improved the combat effectiveness of the Chinese women’s football team.

Many outstanding female football players are actively developing overseas. Coupled with the excellent tactical guidance of the coaching staff of Shui Qingxia, the good policies given by the Football Association to female football players, and the improvement of the domestic league operation mechanism, the Chinese women’s football team is on the way to return to the world-class. on the road. We are expected to fight for good results in the next World Cup to wash away our shame.

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