Yangdai Steel’s 2nd hit this season in 5 consecutive knockouts

(Central News Agency reporter Huang Qiaowen, Taipei, 30th) Taiwanese player Yang Daigang played for the Lakeland Dock Dogs of the American Independent League. He played against the Milwaukee Milkmen today and scored his second hit of the season, hitting 5 consecutive games. Hits and led the team to a 9-0 shutout.

After leaving the Japanese post, Yang Daigang moved to the American Independent League this season. Today, in the game against the Milkman, he served as the 7th starting player, guarding the center field.

After Yang Daigang hit a fly ball in 1 inning, he struck out in the 4th inning. He seized the opportunity in 6 innings and hit a home run in Yangchun. After his historic first home run on May 21, he hit again. , The second hit of the season came out, played in 8 innings, and suffered another strikeout.

The only hit in Yangdai Steel’s 4 hits in this campaign was a home run, with 5 straight hits and 2 strikeouts, with a post-game batting average of 213%.

The Dock Dogs were full of fire today, and starting pitcher Duncan Snider started 8 innings without scoring, suppressing the opponent’s line and leading the team to a 9-0 win. (Editor: Zhang Yajing) 1110630

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