Yankees lead seven teams to 100 major league wins

EL NUEVO DIARIO, NEW YORK.- We are in the golden age of 100-win teams. Last year there were three, in 2019 four, in 2018 three and in 2017 also three. Compare that to the previous seven years, when between 2010 and 2016 only three teams did it (2011 Phillies, 2015 Cardinals and 2016 Cubs). And that’s not counting the 2020 season, when three clubs (Dodgers, Rays and Padres) finished with a projected 100 wins.

Currently, there are seven teams heading to that number.

Here’s a detailed look at all of them, numbered according to how likely they are to keep up. Not everyone will make it, but history tells us there will be more than we think.

1. Yankees (Record: 24-8. Projection: 122-40)
Look, the Yankees are not going to win 122 games. That figure would represent the highest in history. His .750 winning percentage would be second best in Major League Baseball, behind the 1906 Cubs, who went 116-36-3 and .763. At some point the Yankees will cool down, considering the division they’re in.

But such a beginning cannot be ignored. Think of it this way, they’d have to go 77-54 the rest of the year to reach 100 wins, which translates to a .587 winning percentage. It’s not that it’s easy, but the team is well on the way to achieving it, thanks to this great start to the campaign.

2. Dodgers (Record: 20-11. Projection: 104-58)
The Dodgers are in the toughest division in baseball, with not a single team with a record below .500. Still, that doesn’t sound like that high for a Dodgers team that has won 104 games or more in three of the past five full seasons. Los Angeles is brimming with talent, and even in such a tough division, reaching a hundred wins doesn’t seem far-fetched.

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3. Mets (Record: 22-12. Projection: 105-57)
The Mets have three things going for them now:

• They have a rate of two wins for every three games.

• Jacob deGrom hasn’t made a single start yet.

• There is no other team in the NL East with a positive record.

The last point is crazy and certainly won’t last long. The Braves will find their rhythm at some point, while the Phillies and Marlins also hope to pick up. But, it’s the Mets. They haven’t won 100 games in a year since 1988. However, if they stay on fire and the division falls apart, 2021 could be a special year in Queens.

4. Brewers (Record: 21-12. Projection: 103-59)
This seems like a risky option, considering the Brewers have never won more than 96 games in their history. But have you seen this division? He has two teams projected at 100 losses, even though you could say the Pirates are playing even better than expected.

They’ve already capitalized on that in Milwaukee, with the club going 16-5 against the Cubs, Pirates and Reds, and 7-7 against everyone else. Remember, all of this despite the fact that Brandon Woodruff and Freddy Peralta haven’t pitched that well.

5. Astros (Record: 22-11. Projection: 108-54)
A week and a half ago, the Astros had a .500 record and we wondered if the Angels would have beaten them in the division race. But, how interesting what can change a streak of 11 wins. They’re not as good as they look right now – no team would be – but the Astros seem to be built to sustain a winning pace.

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Also, they have won 100 games recently; three times in a row between 2017 and 2019. The division helps them. The Rangers and A’s aren’t going anywhere. But you’d think the Mariners could improve, along with the Angels, who are also on the list.

6. Parents (Record 21-12. Record: 103-59)
There’s probably a big gap between the top five teams on this list and the bottom two. Either way, how not to be impressed with the Padres now? They don’t have Fernando Tatis Jr. in their ranks, but Manny Machado is playing like an MVP, Eric Hosmer has turned back time, Joe Musgrove looks like a Cy Young candidate and the bullpen looks fantastic!

But not everything shines on his way to 100 wins. They still have 16 games against the Dodgers and, consider, their run differential is more like that of a 17-15 team than a 20-12 team. San Diego has never had a 100-win campaign and this likely won’t be its first.

7. Angels (Record: 22-12. Projection: 105-57)
Look, I’m having fun watching the Angels, just like all of you. They’ve become the team that makes you tune in at least once a night on MLB.TV. But their lack of depth in the rotation is frightening and their injury history is… Well, they haven’t had a positive record since 2015. 100 wins? Let’s focus on qualifying for the postseason first, right?