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Sports Center / Lin Yuanchun report

▲Ender Inciarte joined the Mets with a minor league contract. (Photo / Associated Press / Dazhi Image)

Outfielder Ender Inciarte, who won the Golden Glove Award three times, was released by the Yankees a few days ago, but he will soon find a new job. According to a report by “” reporter Mark Feinsand, Inciarte signed a minor league contract with the Mets. Moving up to the majors, he will earn $1.1 million.

Inciarte played for the Warriors last season and played in 52 games, hitting 215%, hitting 2 hits and 10 RBIs. This season, he scored .252/.336/.408, 4 hits, and 4 steals in the Yankees 3A. The performance was not bad, but it was still released by the talented Yankees, but within a few days, he was picked up by the Mets and signed a minor league contract.

Inciarte won the Outfield Golden Glove Award for three consecutive seasons from 2016-18, and was selected to the All-Star Game in 2017. He played 157 games that year with .304/.350/.409 batting measurements, but since then Since 2019, his appearances have dropped sharply, and he has only played 163 games in total from 2019-21, and he has not even played in the major leagues this season.

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