Yann Barthès: his amazing reaction to the insults of Cyril Hanouna behind the scenes


Insulted by Cyril Hanouna last March, Yann Barthès had replied seriously on social networks. But the editor of Quotidien, his show, the presenter was much more relaxed, even teasing. The enmity between Cyril Hanouna and Yann Barthès is not new: relations were initially cordial between the animator Do not touch My TV and the presenter daily they have been deteriorating for two years now. One against the other in access prime-time, the mastodons of C8 and TMC are so different that it will be difficult to reconcile them. Especially since their guéguerre seems to have reached a point of no return March 22nd. In The Prime of Truth , Cyril Hanouna told everyone what he thought of his rival : ” It’s not because he’s in front of us, but I’m messing with Yann Barthès he had let go before his chroniclers. Really! ” Cyril Hanouna, a muscular-minded animator who likes to explain himself face-to-face, has never digested the fact that the TMC star refuses to meet him in real life . ” He has everything I do not like. He is not brave. He rocks on the air and when you’re in front of him, he turns around and he says “I’m going to the police station” … That’s all I do not like had hammered Cyril Hanouna. Me, I like guys who have balls. Unfortunately, he does not have one! ” Faced with these insults, Yann Barthès had replied on Instagram with a terse message: ” I did not think that one day I would be ashamed to have worked at Canal +. Today, this is the case. ” Apart from this message, the presenter of daily kept quiet about the case … at least in the public sphere. As we learn The Parisian in his portrait devoted to Yann Barthès, he also spoke about Cyril Hanouna’s attacks on his team. ” The next day [the Prime of the Truth], he wandered around his office smiling with two fluorescent Post-it on the top of his thighs, two arrows to his crotch he kept all day. We all laughed “, Said journalist Paul Larrouturou, a member of daily , at Parisian . A poetic way to show that he does indeed have balls But who should not AT ALL please Cyril Hanouna. He who hates so much the off-air mockery will undoubtedly be a joy to react to this pungent anecdote.


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