Yann Barthès in chiaroscuro

Yann Barthès in chiaroscuro

Never seen. Or almost. At the end of January, Martin Bouygues, president of the TF1 group, made the trip to the “Daily” set, a flagship program of his subsidiary TMC, to see Yann Barthès, sparkling eye and impeccable costume, at work. “I can understand that you upset the policies but you’re right,” slipped the industry before retiring, seduced. Since his arrival on the channel in 2016, the animator pranced at the top of the audiences of “the access”, favorite niche of the advertising advertisers. This defector of Canal, where he had created “Le Petit Journal”, drew in his wake on the old Monegasque regional channel a young and trendy public who loves his way of informing, mixing sharp decryptions, reports, humor and chroniclers malicious. A makeover that irradiated the house Bouygues. READ ALSO> “Daily” on TMC, favorite show for teens Every evening from Monday to Friday at 19:20, his face illuminates the show and the charm operates. Some 1.3 million viewers expect precision-adjusted punchlines and guests of choice. We go to Barthès because he sells. Two hours later, leaving his studio on the banks of the Seine, the showman plunges into a mysterious darkness. He runs away from cocktails and parties. Casanier, he prefers to drink beers in small committee with his few friends of the trade: Ariane Massenet, Ali Baddou or Nora Hamzawi … When he goes on vacation, it is as far as possible from Paris: in New York and especially in Japan, where he escapes several times a year. Crazy skiing and mountain, the host also goes regularly in his native Savoy, homeland of Beaufort – “the best cheese in the world” – where his family always live and his childhood buddies. The discretion in principle of life Nothing ever filters the life of this beautiful 44 year old. “I find that there is more precious than anonymous goods,” he retorted at will to dismiss the curious. His press service announces the program: next September, he will concede his annual interview of return but will speak only … of his emission. The entourage is briefed. Between ostensible silence or polite refusal, no one ventures to the slightest confidence. The talkers would expose themselves to an SMS remonstrance. Her intimates jealously defend her private life and annoy an “unauthorized portrait”. “The show feeds on the show business and, in its personal capacity, categorically refuses to participate. It’s almost Dadaist, “laughs one of them, insisting on staying in the shadows. “He’s sickly shy. Even when you dine with him, he’s all restrained. He wants to protect the people he loves who are not in the TV business. We can only respect that, “tempers another. Same instruction. Friendly playmate and ideal boss for some, which he made the career, cruel and brittle for others, which he trapped reports, judged disappointing after the implacable rehearsal 17:30. The former columnists stars of his shows – as Cyrille Eldin, Hugo Clément or Alex Lutz and Bruno Sanches, the Catherine and Liliane – have learned the hard way that breaks can be final and without return. Two years after their separation, they are still persona non grata on the “Daily” set. Increased interest in the image Not so cool, Yann Barthès? Portrait necessarily impressionistic. He was born in Chambéry in October 1974. His mother worked in a notarial office and his father, now deceased, was a railway worker, like his older brother. The young Barthès did his schooling in the public and leaves his native Savoie at 20, a Deug English in his pocket, for Bordeaux. For 3 years, he studied at the Institute of Information Science and Communication. Philippe Loquay, who ran the establishment at the time, hardly remembers the student who dreamed of being a cameraman. However, he keeps in mind his diligence in the courses of semiology of the image. A taste of decryption that will become his trademark. “By filming behind the scenes of the meetings, his broadcasts succeed in denouncing political communication. They knew how to make politics and it is useful for democracy “, applauds Thomas Legrand, editorialist of France Inter. It all began in the late 1990s, at the time of Canal +. Yann Barthès is not 25 when he first crosses the doors of the encrypted channel and does not know he has just signed for 18 years! He picks up – without a piston according to one of his friends – an internship at the com service. A job that makes you dream but is ungrateful. “He peeled the newspapers at dawn so that the channel’s leaders would find a press review on their desk when they arrived. The exercise does not repel the young Barthes: “He had an eye, a look, an analysis,” says a former head of department. He likes and likes. Gradually, he makes his hole. First programmer, he won a position as a journalist at “+ Clair”, the magazine on the media Daphné Roulier. He inherits a “notebook”, a chronicle where he dissects the news of the week with a caustic tone, is noticeable. “He spent his weeks in the editing room and watched television with a frenzy of geek, remembers one of his sisters at the time. “He managed to make innocuous sequences interesting and funny. Her playfulness was obvious, “she continues. Laurent Bon, the first to put it on the air It was at this time that Yann Barthès met his future producer and mentor, Laurent Bon. The latter, ten years his senior, embarks on the adventure of “Grand Journal” Michel Denisot, which he is the editor. His little “Petit Journal” rivals the Grand quickly. The Barthès machine is launched with its unforgettable sequences, such as those fans who are waiting for a concert of Snoop Dogg, or the incredible sequence of former president Jacques Chirac dredging a Correze elected. It was while leaving Canal + that he nevertheless knew the consecration. Yann Barthès, reportage in Cannes, at the time of the “Petit Journal” ./LP/Frédéric Dugit In 2015, the billionaire Vincent Bolloré bought the chain and started a strong cleaning of the Canal + group. Barthes feels the wind spinning. Ara Aprikian – a big fan of TF1 programs who took refuge there after being fired from the encrypted channel – convinced him to accept Bouygues’ proposal. “It was an inflated bet, TMC was super cheesy but we were promised total freedom,” recalls a relative. Once again, the Barthès-Bon tandem has had fun. READ ALSO> Yann Barthès, the incredible transfer First to have it on the air, Laurent Bon, now his producer, became his inescapable pair and a close friend. Together, they created their production company, Bangumi (TV show in Japanese), which they hold in equal shares. They also share the taste of discretion. Former journalist, Laurent Bon ensures that no picture of him circulates on the net. In the very design premises of their production house, located near the Maison de la Radio, Yann Barthès’ office is stuck to that of a third key figure in Bangumi: Théodore Bourdeau. He is the editor-in-chief of the show, who manages the team of journalists and oversees the production of reports. The featured animator taped to his computer from 10 am does not leave the day. “I’ve never seen him lunch outside,” plays a witness to the sushi devourer. He spends hours fine-tuning his texts, which he writes alone to perfection. Success has not diminished his ability to work. The Peter Pan of TV For two years, comedian Vincent Dedienne has joined the team. On tip-toes. He defines himself as “a close but not an intimate”. Each week, on the set of “Daily”, he delivers a very personal press review. “Yann, he’s a really nice guy, concerned about others, hardworking and discreet. But it’s also someone who likes to laugh and tell jokes. He has a delayed teen side, “describes the comedian. At the head of “Daily” since the start of the 2016 academic year, Yann Barthès has considerably rejuvenated the audience of the channel TNT./TMC/Christophe Chevalin “His relationship with childhood is very strong,” adds a member of his team. “He’s funny and knows how to play with his mischievous eight-year-old look,” he adds. Yann Barthès, his eternal youth, despite his hair now pepper and salt, his success with teens, his share of mystery, his playfulness … A Peter Pan hovering over French television. The media world, however, is not a children’s story and when attacked, Yann Barthes replies. At the end of March, he posted a scathing message to Cyril Hanouna: “I did not think that one day I would be ashamed to have worked at Canal +. Today it is the case. A few days earlier, his direct competitor, “Touch not to my position”, eternal rival who officiates at the same time as him on C8 and property of Vincent Bolloré, had opened the hostilities: “I hate him (…) Me I like guys who have balls. Unfortunately, he does not have any, had launched Baba on the air on March 22nd. “Yann does not lack courage” Barthès however reserved his best response to his team. “The next day, Yann wandered in his office smiling with two fluo post-it on the top of his thighs: two arrows to his crotch he kept all day. We all laughed, “says reporter Paul Larrouturou. “Hanouna has aimed aside because Yann does not lack courage. It is necessary to cross the iron with the National Front, Mélenchon or Laurent Wauquiez … “, defends more seriously one of his relatives. After the satisfaction of prancing in the lead with Cyril Hanouna, what makes Barthès run? If the star of C8 is doped audiences, Barthes, he continues to be intoxicated by the news. “As long as you give him peace and no political pressure is put on him, he is a good player vis-à-vis his owner shareholder. As long as we let “Daily” defend its values: pro-LGBT, against extremes, “says one close. “He loves television and being on the air. But it’s true that he gets tired quickly, “blows a close. “If it stops tomorrow, he will not be sad. This is the anti-Michel Drucker! “Says his friend Ariane Massenet, who imagines it flourish in a second producer career, like Emmanuel Chain, the former host of” Capital “, now in charge of many programs including” Seven-to-eight. In the shadows, where he is happiest.

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