Yann Barthès: The daring response of the presenter of "Daily" to the attacks of Cyril Hanouna

Yann Barthès: The daring response of the presenter of "Daily" to the attacks of Cyril Hanouna

Yann Barthès and Cyril Hanouna criticize each other in turn. – TF1, Canal +
Yann Barthès do not lack humor and he proves it! Insulted by Cyril Hanouna end of March live in Do not touch My TV , the presenter Daily had initially reacted on social networks. Before proving to his collaborators that he was not allowed to do so, as one of the journalists of the show recounts in a portrait published by The Parisian Sunday, April 15th.

A pass of arms at the end of March

The origin of the altercation dates back to March 22, when Cyril Hanouna attacked his counterpart directly on the TPMP set. “I’m messing with Yann Barthès,” he said. He has everything I do not like. He rocks on the air and when you’re in front of him, he turns around and he says ‘Well I’ll go to the police station’. That’s all I do not like! I like guys who have balls. Unfortunately, he does not have one! Even pursued the one who is nicknamed “Baba”.

At once, Yann Barthès replied on his Instagram account : “I did not think that one day, I would be ashamed to have worked at Canal +. Today is the case. All my support for the employees of the Canal Group. PS: And for those who have doubt … I have. ”

“Hanouna aimed beside”

In order to join the acts to speech, the presenter of TMC did not stop there. “The next day, he wandered around his office smiling with two fluorescent Post-it on the top of his thighs, two arrows to his crotch that he kept all day. We all laughed, “revealed Paul Larrouturou, a journalist for Daily .

“Hanouna has targeted next, because Yann does not lack courage, testifies another close to Yann Barthes. It is necessary to cross the iron with the National Front, Mélenchon or Laurent Wauquiez. With this portrait, it will be understood, the conflict between the two men should not calm down.

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