VIDEO – For his debut on the set of Thierry Ardisson's show, the new chronicler of Les Terriens du samedi! let out his anger against several Blues, sacred world champions last July. The controversial writer regretted their "spoiled children" attitude during the title celebration this summer.
The two months of vacation that he enjoyed after leaving the program On is not lying have left time for the greatest grumbler PAF to find new enemies. For his first as a chronicler of the Terrans Saturday, Yann Moix has found a target of choice. The writer had to offer a great show after missing the first bonus of the show hosted by Thierry Ardisson last week. Finally, what more natural for the author of Jubilations to the sky than to tackle the French football team, which will have thrilled the whole country this summer?
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"The blues behaved like spoiled kids," he said on C8's talk show. His main complaint? The attitude of some players after the final of the World Cup, won against Croatia on July 15th. "The guys win and to party, they destroy the Champs-Elysees, which is the basis. And then, they go to Miami among prostitutes and empty bottles of champagne at 1,000 euros on the ground, "he added, referring to images published on social networks by Presnel Kimpembé, Ousmane Dembélé and Benjamin Mendy, in which we see the world champions celebrate their title in a Florida nightclub.
Their attitude would be deeply revealing of a "French evil", according to Yann Moix. "When we win, we behave exactly like when we lose," he says. To win in France is to lose upside down. (…) We win and the champagne ends on the ground. We lower the bottleneck. It is always the downward movement that we have, from the President of the Republic to the "quail-ra". And there the victory is done by lowering.
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If he says "hate football", the writer does not hold it "to the people who practice it and watch it". "But I'm glad it exists to allow some violence to flow into society," he concluded with all the cynicism that characterizes it. .


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