Yannick Nyanga: "To take 40 points is not nice"

Yannick Nyanga: "To take 40 points is not nice"

Yannick Nyanga was the captain of a team to the trouble , this Sunday in Toulouse (42-27), a week before the European Cup semi-final against Munster . The third line of Racing however wants to play down. This big defeat complicates the semi-final of the European Cup that you will play Sunday? YANNICK NYANGA. No. I usually say that every game has its own story. There is no excuse to find us because it is not our mentality and we aspire to be a good club. But the difference between taking 40 points and putting 40 points is not that big. We have a little easier task to Toulouse. They score tests but did not really put us in trouble. Above all, there were reasons for satisfaction, like the second half we won. We will hang on to these little things. Your coach Laurent Labit says that some players did not score many points … We try to do the best possible in every game but the Top 14 is really a complicated league. Every weekend, there are surprising results. On the field, we play every game as the most important, without thinking of the next one, and then the coaches make their choices. But for sure, taking 40 points is not nice. What’s happening on the fourth Toulouse test against your former teammate Gaël Fickou? I find myself in winger position. I have a one-on-one situation to deal with him and I feel like I’m alone. I bite to his feint, and his qualities of speed and support do the rest. I’m disappointed because it’s almost a turning point in the game, as they are going off at that time. I told Gael at the end that he should respect me more ( Editor’s note: he smiles ) and do not ridicule me like that because we are friends in life … We also saw you crying in the locker room before the game. Why ? I am an emotional person and when I come back to a place that I love, it reminds me of memories. There is an emotional fiber in rugby. I tried to make proud those who love me. All that made quite a lot of emotion. And the Toulouse public has always given me a lot. I still do not know why. I still have my farewell here. Except thank you, I do not know what to say to them. It will always be special for me to come back here.

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