Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Home Entertainment Yasmin Khatib reveals: «married Khaled Yusuf» (text of the statement)

Yasmin Khatib reveals: «married Khaled Yusuf» (text of the statement)

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The media revealed Yasmine Khatib about the reality of the photo circulated with the director Khaled Youssef, which was transmitted by the pages of communication during the past hours.

"Some years ago I announced my marriage, and I did not disclose the identity of the husband, because of considerations that do not concern anyone but my family. Some people speculated that the husband is the Egyptian businessman, so and so is the Egyptian billionaire Alan," Yasmin al-Khatib said on Facebook. I felt – some – some thought that I had been associated with a man to enrich him only, and I have repeatedly emphasized that the marriage era is not a contract .. the reign of the police love, not holding a dowry.

"As the rumors became more popular, I had to refute them by confirming my marriage to an Egyptian director and politician. It was easy for the curious to solve the mystery in the name of director and parliamentarian Khaled Yousef, and following the story was a storm on the Social Media, accompanied by another on a personal level, My Official Facebook Page ».

"This was the last chapter of the story, which the heroes chose to keep in the drawer of memories, to celebrate the era of great love, and in the interest of the rest of the affection and respect .. Today one of them decided to look in our papers and to usurp our destinies, , And even humanity, we publish a picture that brought me to Khaled Yusuf during our marriage, indifferent to the consequences it did on the parties! ». We could not get comment from director Khaled Youssef on the statement Yasmin Khatib.

"If the purpose of publishing the picture is entertainment, it has been achieved, and if the purpose is to pressure me to confirm it, yes, I was married to this man, and the circulation of my picture with him is not bad for me, but rather harms its publishers," explained Yasmin al-Khatib.



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