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Years of use: man suffers kidney damage after vitamin D overdose

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Man suffers from kidney damage after vitamin D overdose

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The acclaimed "Sun Vitamin", which is not a vitamin at all, has caused serious damage to the health of a 54-year-old. The Canadians took high-dose vitamin D drops for a long time. With consequences.

ein 54-year-old Canadians, after an overdose with vitamin D suffered kidney failure. The man had taken a high concentration of a preparation for several months. Doctors about the case Bourne L. Auguste are currently reporting on the case in the "Canadian Medical Association Journal" (CMAJ).

Vitamin D is actually not a vitamin, but the precursor of a hormone. When the sun hits the skin, the liver and kidney form active vitamin D. This results in 90 percent of the body's own substance. The rest is covered, if you eat about fatty fish. Vitamin D regulates the calcium and phosphate metabolism and strengthens the muscles. When it is absent, especially the calcium level drops. Severe vitamin D deficiency can cause rickets in infants and bone softening in adults.

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Vitamin D, celebrated by advocates as "sun vitamin", is stored in the body. The body stops its own production once it has made enough. Anyone who artificially ingests the substance can overdose it, causing nausea and palpitations, which in the worst case can lead to kidney problems. Doctors prescribe artificial vitamin D supplements for babies or people who suffer from a deficiency, especially in winter months when there is little sunshine. This can be determined by a test. Vitamin D supplements are also available for free sale.

Two weeks every day blazing sun

The Canadian had just spent two weeks in Southeast Asia, six to eight hours each day in the sun. When he returned to Canada, he went to the doctor for complaints. There, he was drained of blood and found to have a very high creatinine level, indicating a malfunction of the kidney. Creatinine is a breakdown product of the acid creatine and is excreted by urine. The doctors sent the patient to a renal clinic.

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There they also discovered too high a calcium level in the blood. As a result, the doctors had a suspicion. The man reported that he was a naturopath's patient. He ordered two vitamin D products from him without ever having been diagnosed with a deficiency. The naturopath had also, without his knowledge, spoiled the second of the two products. Thus, for two and a half years, he consumed drops with a total dose of 8,000 to 12,000 International Units of Vitamin D. For comparison, over-the-counter vitamin D supplements contain about 800 to 1,000 units. Typical overdose symptoms include kidney problems or increased calcium levels. It may also be hypotension, nausea, cardiac arrhythmia or severe urinary output.

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The 54-year-old discontinued the preparation, but the calcium level in the blood remained elevated for weeks. One year later he sank. But the man suffered a permanent kidney damage after years of overdose.

According to the doctors who reported on the case in the CMAJ, the man had not been informed about the risks of vitamin D at too high a dosage. An overdose is rather rare according to the authors in the CMAJ. However, they warn that over-the-counter preparations could pose a significant risk. They advise against intake of more than 1000 international units per day.



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