Yellow fever vaccine is recommended before traveling to Brazil


Yellow fever vaccine is recommended before traveling to Brazil

on 04/16/2018 at 12:11

Three German tourists, who visited the Brazilian island of Ilha Grande, were infected with the yellow fever virus.
Photo: AP

Actually, yellow fever is considered rare by tropical travelers. But now three German tourists in Brazil have been infected with the disease.

Three Germans have been infected with yellow fever during stays in Brazil. “After 1999, these are the first German citizens known to them yellow fever “, according to a recent report by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in Berlin.
One of the patients died of the disease, which is transmitted by mosquito bites. All three travelers reportedly stayed in tourist-beloved Ilha Grande Island in February.

Worst yellow fever epidemic
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Brazil is currently fighting the worst yellow fever epidemic in decades. Currently, the Foreign Office recommends in its travel and safety information “urgently” all Brazil travelers from the age of 9 months one vaccination against the serious virus infection. At least ten days before the entry should be allowed to be immunized. The recommendations had been constantly expanded according to the spread of the disease in Brazil. According to the information, the country currently does not require any proof of vaccination from immigrants from Europe.
The affected Brazil travelers from Germany were according to RKI data not vaccinated against yellow fever and had previously not advised travel medicine. According to RKI data, the two recovering patients reported many mosquito bites while trekking, the vaccination notes were not known to them. According to WHO, there have been several yellow fever cases among Brazil tourists from other countries.
Disease course in humans
The yellow fever virus normally circulates between monkeys and mosquitoes. In humans, the disease can be very different. It begins with symptoms such as high fever, nausea and pain, which subsides after a few days. In 15 percent of the patients there is a severe, sometimes fatal second phase. It can cause jaundice – hence the name of the infection. There is no causal therapy. (AP)


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