08h35: 23 "yellow vests" indicted after the fire at a toll Herault

Twenty-three "yellow vests" have been indicted since Tuesday in the investigation of the fire of a highway toll da Vinci in mid-December 2018 in Bessan (Herault), said Friday the prosecutor of the Republic of Beziers .

Among these women and men, from all backgrounds and ages, eleven were placed in pre-trial detention and twelve under judicial supervision, he said. Among the indicted and imprisoned are a mother of six children, a paraplegic man or a nurse.

Most "presented themselves (…) as having participated in the movement of the yellow vests" but "anyone can claim it", commented the prosecutor, emphasizing "the gravity of the facts".

On the night of 18 to 19 December, "the interested parties did everything to hide themselves with masks, hoods etc", he said, pointing out that iron bars, slingshots, steel balls, helmets, gas masks and hand-held shields had been seized at home and in some vehicles.


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