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Yellow vests: piracy of the media activist “Lived” and its creator Gabin Formont

Gabin Formont, the cry of the people

Yellow vests: piracy of the media activist "Lived" and its creator Gabin Formont


For a yellow vest, it is dangerous to expose yourself in the media. Following disagreements with his team, Gabin Formont (which you can read by clicking here), who created Vécu, an information media about the protest movement, saw his site and his personal Facebook page being hacked Sunday at the end of the afternoon. All after a week of strong presence in the press. On the site vecugiletjaune.fr, we can now read on the homepage: "Gabin Formont is just an audience opportunist with an oversized melon. We must not forget the victims. It seems that there are divisions on the attitude to adopt towards Eric Drouet, one of the media personalities of the challenge, and on the kitty for the victims he launched.

But for Gabin Formont, one of the angry members wanted to make a "Technological coup d'etat, and I did not want to go into his projects because I gradually lost confidence in him and it does not seem good to me to do it like that. The administrators of Vécu explain this morning them, on the Facebook page of the media, the heart of his audience, that they are busy "All to make sure to solve the problem quickly. Please do not take into account the comments still visible on some publications … "(photo photo Cyril Zannettacci.



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