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Home News Yellow vests: The "boxer" Christophe Dettinger sentenced to one year in prison

Yellow vests: The "boxer" Christophe Dettinger sentenced to one year in prison

The former boxer Christophe Dettinger was sentenced on Wednesday to one year in prison, suitable for semi-liberty, and 18 months suspended with probation for violently striking two gendarmes on January 5 in Act 8 yellow vests. The prosecutor had asked him for three years, one of probation with probation and asked for the detention of the accused, for a gesture of "incredible violence" against two gendarmes, one of which was prescribed 2 days of ITT and the other still has not returned to work after 40 days.

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The magistrate had also requested that the accused be given an "obligation to compensate the victims", as part of his stay, two gendarmes, one of whom was prescribed 2 days of ITT and the another still has not returned to work after 40 days. Blows visible on amateur videos, viral on social networks, and that the court has long looked.

A mistake"

"This act of" yellow vests "was supposed to mark a turning point. For the first time, there was a declaration of manifestation, a service of order …"Says the prosecutor. In this context, access to the bridges leading to the districts of the ministries or the Elysee is prohibited. "You have soldiers who have had to hold a position. They were remarkably cool. Nobody had been hurt, he said.

He describes "the first scene of violence": "The yellow vests are advancing, the soldiers are gassing, everyone is moving backwards. There is one who stays in the front line, he invokes, he clenches his fists. "" Not only does he not care about the fate of his family, but he stays. He will throw himself on this soldier and beat him. Eight shots taken »he said, before describing the second scene, where he boxed a gendarme back, to make him waver. "I wanted to prevent an injustice and I created another one", had previously recognized Christophe Dettinger, regretting an "error" that explains the "violence" suffered by the yellow vests during the demonstrations.




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