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Yellow vests: the left commits suicide live

By Olivier Maurice.

The convergence of the struggles that brought the various left-wing groups, NGOs, antifas, radical syndicalists, black blocks, etc. to swap their red, green and black flags in yellow waistcoats and trigger a furious bazaar of outrageous communications and acts of vagrant villainy continues slowly, but conscientiously to discredit a left unheard by both his political speech and the din of pots and pans. repetition: illegal listening of François Mitterrand to the scooter of François Hollande, while passing by Jerome Cahuzac and the contaminated blood.

Insubordinate France is credited with 7% of the votes in the European, the Communist Party of 2.5%, Place Publique and the PS 6.5%, Generation 3%, EELV barely emerges with 8.5% (figures of April 19, 2019) – which gives a cumulative around 20-25% by adding other small lists. And these numbers are only going down.

The bolshevik bastard father

We are far from the post-war period, when the threat of Soviet nuclear missiles was reigning terror in the exclusive circles of the petty bourgeoisie of Saint-Germain-des-Prés and allowed Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir to trumpet their excessive egos and brush their narcissistic arrogance. It was the time when everyone was silent for fear of being burned for the crime of anti-communism primary and suffered headlong discontinuous flow of hate racist anti-rich, anti-whites, anti-cops, especially anti-cop, anti-priest, anti-bourgeois, anti-French, anti-French … anti everything and anything.

But has the left still apparently not realized that if the vast majority of French people said nothing, it was not because they adhered to the theses of the prophets of the big night, but simply because after having undergone the occupation, they had learned to protect themselves by blending into the background, focusing on their small business.

Who knows, the Communists could one day end up in power! And they have managed to do so long enough to plunge the country into the economic slump and widespread cronyism that still exist today, but fortunately not long enough for the re-education camps and other political policies that have murdered to develop. a good hundred million people around the world in just 70 years … a sad average of a murder every 20 seconds.

Operetta Revolutionaries

Good-hooded sons and iPhone XR still dream of following in the footsteps of their idol: a young aristocrat medical student who had been illustrated in torture and summary executions when he was supreme prosecutor of the Cuban Revolution. But the heart is gone: Che's face now adorns the cashmere sweaters found in the windows of luxury boutiques on the Champs-Élysées.

Revolution is like war: it's dirty. It's dirty and it kills. It mutilates, it disfigures, it cuts people into pieces, it burns them alive. A revolutionary is a madman, a killer ready for anything, who will stubbornly refuse to bend his knee. Not one geek who whines on Twitter because the bad policemen prevent the gentiles streets medics to spray a pain-killer on the shoulder of a kid knocked down with a shield. Black blocks do not scare anyone, they are just ridiculous to play operetta revolutionaries who bulge their torso when they are in a band and play the poor victim as soon as they find themselves in court: "It's not me, Madam Justice. I was there by chance. I did not do anything, I swear to you … "

The real revolution is not a part of Assassin's Creed or Call of Duty.

We do not attract flies with vinegar

Cardboard they are, they belch and shout every Saturday afternoon. Like flies in summer, they pose no danger, but they break their feet. The message of 17 November 2018 was clear: "lower taxes". Even the Prime Minister ended up taking it in chorus after a little moment of reflection (4 months). Even the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Taxation and Taxation, has ended up saying that too.

But no, it took the entire left (or at least what's left of it) to get up and scream as usual stronger than everyone else, to teach the masses and explain to them the truth: if France goes badly, if the French are angry, it is absolutely not because of taxes but social inequalities, the rich, climate disruption, Amazon, Apple and Facebook, c It is because of the capitalist, ultraliberal and globalist plot, because the state does not do enough. Conclusion: we must increase taxes.

And overnight, zadistes, alterglobalists, fundamentalist anti-bagnole and other ayatollahs of punitive ecology endorsed the yellow vest of motorists who protested against the carbon tax on fuels.

Yes this is it…

Eureka, the journalists then found themselves in known terrain! They could finally argue about the tax justice of a possible recovery of the ISF, this standard of the French cultural exception, including the only three countries in the world that still strongly support the idea (Cuba, North Korea and the Venezuela) do not apply it, since it is a long time ago that there are more fortunes to be taxed in these countries, apart from those of the family mafias in power.

For a long time, the ideological hold-up has been the specialty of the left, shamelessly attributing the ideas of others (mainly liberals from elsewhere, but not only) to morality lessons, guilt-free repentance, and self-righteousness. administrative and fiscal gas factories: the municipal primary school of Guizot, retapissée in 1882 "public, secular, free and obligatory" by Jules Ferry, the fierce opposition of the liberals against imperialist and colonialist inclinations, preached by the progressives, whose Moreover, this same Jules Ferry – an ineptitude, according to Frédéric Bastiat – renamed since duty of memory and transformed into official worship of the identity claim of minorities, etc.

Vote with your feet, or with …

But this time, the strings are too big and no one is fooled. By dint of eating his hat and say one day the opposite of the previous day while doing moral lessons, the left ended up being completely naked. Is this good news?

Not really for inner-city shopkeepers and law enforcement: the left has entered such a state of decay that there is no one able to whistle the end of recess until childish antics never cease to ridicule and totally discredit her, a sport in which she has however accumulated a lot of prowess in this area for years.

All over the world, and again this weekend in Ukraine, more and more people are voting against this left who wanted to impose the politically correct, but which has far exceeded the limits of what it was right to do in policy.

These people vote with the middle finger.


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