Yellow vests: Unions condemn violence


All the unions, except Solidaires, called Thursday, December 6, the government to open negotiations on purchasing power, wages or taxation, without renouncing the ecological transition.

All union officials met on Thursday, December 6 for the first time since the beginning of the movement of "yellow vests". And all, with the exception of Solidaires, signed a joint declaration condemning "All forms of violence in the expression of claims". "Dialogue and listening must find their place in our country", write the CFDT, CGT, FO, CFE-CGC, CFTC, Unsa and FSU, in an unusual unitary momentum.

A "too composite" movement for unions to join

From the beginning, and this statement confirms this, the unions have refused to formally associate themselves with the movement of yellow vests, even if their mobilization is the expression, "A legitimate anger". Admittedly, the demands on wages or purchasing power are not far removed from those of the trade union organizations that have sounded the alarm for months at a time with the government.

"But this movement is far too composite, explains one of the union leaders present at the meeting. We are not going to associate with people who are calling for the end of social contributions and therefore of national solidarity, which refuse migrants or who ask General de Villiers to take power. "

The deeply divided "yellow vests"

Several strike calls launched

By signing this joint statement, the numbers of the CGT and FO agree not to throw oil on the fire, which will undoubtedly be some internal turmoil. The CGT and FO federations of road transport, received Thursday at the Ministry of Transport, have already launched a call to the strike from Sunday evening for reasons categorical, in this case the maintenance rates of overtime for drivers of road .

A call to strike maintained "Until the organizations have received a written commitment from the employers", said the two federations, one of which – FO – is led by an unfortunate candidate to succeed Pascal Pavageau as general secretary of the plant.

In addition, CGT Secretary General Philippe Martinez called Monday for a day of action on December 14, for an increase " immediate " wages, pensions and social protection. "It's a day that's mainly for the internal", decrypts a union official.

An illustration of the crisis of trade unionism

In Thursday's statement, union leaders acknowledge the government's willingness to open "Finally and with much delay the doors of dialogue". "But real negotiations will have to open", alert Luc Bérille, Secretary General of Unsa.

Laurent Berger responds to Édouard Philippe: "You want to discuss, let's go"

The trade unions have listed the topics on which they expect progress from the government: "Purchasing power, wages, housing, transport, the presence and accessibility of public services, taxation". So many points that must create the social conditions of a "Efficient ecological transition because it's right".

The hope of restoring their legitimacy

With this initiative, the unions hope to restore their legitimacy on the social ground. "On the roadblocks, most people do not even know the unions, reports a manager. This is one of the illustrations of the crisis of trade unionism, which has too often been content with its industrial strongholds by letting live union deserts in services and SMEs.

French trade unionism hopes to prove its usefulness. "We know how to negotiate, continues this manager. Unlike yellow vests that have proven their total inability to enter a negotiation.


A tax free end of year bonus

Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire and his counterpart in charge of public accounts Gérald Darmanin declared Thursday, December 6, in favor of the proposal of the president of the region Hauts-de-France Xavier Bertrand, an exceptional bonus of end of year tax-free, paid by companies to their employees.

It could be paid by the company twice, for example in June and December. It would naturally be capped and would not count for retirement, making it completely neutral for the state coffers.

Emmanuelle Réju


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