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Yellow zone, here are the new parameters on the colors of the regions. Sicily more at risk

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The upcoming changes to the parameters for color changes will allow four regions not to pass into the yellow zone on Friday. Based on the current criteria based on the mere incidence of infections, Sardinia (82), Sicily (64), Lazio (68)e Veneto (68), all above the limit threshold dethe 50 new cases weekly, would have been “demoted” from the control room in the yellow band, where there is an obligation to wear a mask even outdoors. But they too will remain blank because the new criteria that the government is developing flank the incidence of infections with the hospitalization rate. So far low everywhere.

The new parameters for color changes

According to the decisions made by the control room, the parameters change. We remain in the white zone if there are less than 50 weekly infections per 100 thousand inhabitants. In the event of weekly infections between 50 and 150 per 100 thousand inhabitants, to remain in the white zone it is necessary that the employment rate of intensive care units does not exceed 10% or that the employment rate of hospital wards does not exceed 15%. If the two parameters are both exceeded, the yellow band is passed. The yellow zone is triggered even if the weekly cases exceed 150 weekly per 100 thousand inhabitants but the occupancy rate of resuscitation does not exceed 20% or that of the ordinary wards does not exceed 30%. It turns orange if both parameters are exceeded. The red zone is activated in areas where the weekly incidence of infections is equal to or greater than 150 cases per 100 thousand and both of these conditions occur: the occupancy rate of beds in the medical area exceeds 40% and that in intensive care exceeds 30%

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Sicily more at risk

That’s why all regions (for now) are safe from color changes. Even if Sicily is more at risk than the others, because it records an occupancy rate of Covid patients in intensive care (3%) and in ordinary wards (5%) in both cases above the national average (2% for both).



All regions below the threshold for now

Whatever the final fall point, it should be noted that despite the increase in infections, the vaccination campaign is guaranteeing an effective shield against hospitalizations (albeit slightly increasing) and deaths. The Italian average of occupancy of beds in both intensive care units and ordinary wards is 2% for both. And even in the regions with the highest incidence of new cases, we are far from the minimum and maximum thresholds currently under discussion.

Sicily under observation

Sicily, however, has a threshold for occupancy of beds in intensive care (3%) and ordinary wards (5%) higher than the national average. In Lazio we are 3% in intensive care and 2% in ordinary wards. In Sardinia 1% in intensive care and 4% in the non-critical area. Situation even more under control in Veneto (1% in both departments). However, the Calabria, where despite the incidence of infections is still under control (20 weekly cases per 100 thousand inhabitants), intensive care is 3% and ordinary wards 6%.

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