Yeremy Pino had the contract prepared with Barça

In the grassroots market you have to be very fast because the competition is fierce. And then, when you have arrived on time, you have to convince the player, the family and also their representative. And now it is no longer worth just being him Barça, you must bet hard sportingly and economically. Especially according to what ages. As it happened in the case of Yeremy Pino, in 2017, when the Canarian striker, a sensation now with the senior team and standing out in the Villarreal, was one step away from signing for him FC Barcelona, but the La Plana club finally took him away.

At a cadet party in Las Palmas, highlighted a great talent that detected Franc Artiga, then Cadet A’s coach, who was watching the match live. A small center forward, who could also occupy the band. Barça profile 100 percent. He was 14 years old, he was a freshman, and later the scouts confirmed Artiga’s nose. They were amazed at his potential when they saw him stand out in the Canarian team in the Spanish Championship, in Tenerife. Was Yeremy Pino, the best of the island team.

In Barcelona they began to see videos of that canary and in La Masia they already had a room ready. The idea was to incorporate him into Cadet A, where they also needed a profile of those characteristics. In a generation that needed gunpowder, Pino fit the bill and from the Barça it was decided to go for it. It was a clear bet but they knew that there was another team that wanted it: the Villarreal CF.

Roura and AltimiraAt the time, top managers of the quarry, they gave the OK and the machinery started up. They presented the project to the father and his then representative –now Stellar is running it– and invited them to see the Barça facilities first-hand. It seemed like a good proposal and it seemed that the player was convinced.

But when the contract was ready and they were waiting for them to come back to sign it, a last minute call changed the course of the future of Yeremy Pino. His agent accepted Villarreal’s offer, financially superior to Barça’s and with a four-year contract. The ‘groguets’ designed a clear and marked plan towards the elite that have now met the expectations of the young canary.

At this time the player’s contract has a termination clause of around 30 million euros. A quantity that, as a result of the last good performances in Villarreal and with the National Team in the Nations Cup, make him a very interesting player for the top European clubs.

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