Yes and not a superb collection of news from Adriana Langer

The editions Valensin show ” Yes and no ” , a very successful collection of news signed Adriana Langer .

Yes and no

The book summary:
With this collection of short stories, you are like the privileged visitor of a private and permanent exhibition, where twenty paintings of Dutch painting of the seventeenth century would be collected. Each one concentrates and recreates a situation, an emotion, a desire or a dream, in a suspended moment, mysterious and yet limpid, taken in the eternity of its own light.

Adriana Langer has been dedicated for years to this particular art of the new. By his precise and tender writing, we discover a world, close and yet unknown. Of love and life, full or tenuous, carnal or ethereal, obstinate to find its way; his themes are those of each of us, to love and live, again and again.

From Rabelais to Céline, doctors become writers are numerous. Their daily experience of the human gives them matter to think and to be moved. Moreover, did not the Persian poets already say that words had a therapeutic value, that poetry and literature had the power to heal and to change Man as a whole? The texts that make up “Yes and No” are echographies of the soul, or more precisely electrocardiograms that measure the jolts of the heart, the comings and goings of happiness.

My opinion of reader:
With immense talent, Adriana Langer built around the reader a warm and cozy cocoon which is very difficult to get out. With his collection of news ” Yes and no “, it takes us on a crazy adventure, in a world that is just as much a paradise as a hell.

The language she uses is remarkable, and adapts to the circumstances and characters she evokes. ” Yes and no ” is a difficult challenge, but it is an easy one to recount in a few paragraphs the intensity of an emotion and sometimes even a life. This magnificent collection goes far beyond the intentional stage and gives its letters of nobility to an extremely difficult stylistic exercise that is the art of the new.

In this concentrate of humanity, Adriana Langer allows us to spend an exceptional moment reading ” Yes and no “, whispering to the attentive ear of his readers a logical sequence of intertwined yet independent stories. The whole is a beautiful collection that we take great pleasure to browse, read and reread … Good readings …

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