Yes, Ricardo Monreal was invited to the Morena event in Toluca

Claudia Sheinbaumhead of government of Mexico City, assured that this Sunday she was invited to Ricardo Monrealleader of the senators of Morenato the event that the National Regeneration Movement held in Toluca and which was also attended by the candidates for the presidency of Mexico in 2024, Adam Augusto LopezSecretary of the Interior, and Marcelo EbrardForeign Secretary.

Leaving the National Palace, after meeting with President Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorthe head of government avoided answering if she will dedicate three hours to promote her presidential aspirations for 2024, as López Obrador requested in recent days so as not to neglect their work as officials.

“Doctor, ask why they didn’t invite Ricardo Monreal to yesterday’s event?” She was asked.

“Yes, he was invited,” he replied before entering a vehicle and leaving the historic site.

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AMLO calls to integrate Ricardo Monreal, after Morena’s meeting in Toluca

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador welcomed the start of the internal competition process in Morena towards the 2024 presidential elections and guaranteed that he will not intervene in defining the candidacy.

“There will be no finger and it will be the people’s decision,” said López Obrador in his morning conference this Monday at the National Palace.

López Obrador affirmed that all the members of the movement that he heads have the right to participate and no one should be excluded from now on and spoke out against the fact that the leader of the Morena senators, Ricardo Monreal, had not been invited to the meeting called by the game last Sunday in Toluca, attended by Claudia Sheinbuam, head of government of Mexico City; Marcelo Ebrard, Secretary of Foreign Relations; and Adán Augusto López, Secretary of the Interior.

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You have to invite him to participate, López Obrador recommended, also mentioning Esteban Moctezuma, Mexican ambassador to the United States, and Tatiana Clouthier, secretary of the Economy.

He said that Morena can organize two surveys: the first, among the 10 “most representative” applicants; and the second between the two or three finalists.

“And whoever wins the poll, that’s who I’m going to support, a partner or a partner, that’s who I’m going to support, and without leaving my job, I’m not going to campaign, nothing more is to say ‘ I support this comrade, this comrade because it was the decision of the townspeople, because it wasn’t a big deal.’ So, if they met yesterday, go ahead, and let it not be limited to anyone, ”he said.

The President insisted that the figures of the “covered” and the “finger” must disappear, unwritten rules that are from the Porfiriato period.

“All of that must disappear, and I have very clearly said (that) I am not going to demonstrate for any of those who belong to our movement, to the party of which I am the founder, although I now have a license. They are all my friends, colleagues, I love them very much and I consider them capable. So there will be an attitude of respect for all of them on my part, ”he reiterated.

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