Yes to the promotion, the descent is worth

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This Friday, May 8, 2020, was a historic day for Mexican soccer since four teams from the Ascenso division, Mineros, Venados, Correcaminos and Leones Negros resorted first to the Mexican Soccer Federation and if they do not have a favorable response they will resort to TAS (The Court of Sports Arbitration or Court of Arbitration for Sport) to claim the legitimate right (promotion and descent) that was violated through corrupt practices by the FMF puppets. What as it says Nacho Juárez, better known as the Ghost, “The Royal Academy of Language, in one of its meanings, defines the word bribery as” something that moves, impels or excites the mind to incline it to please another person. ” Once the fund is understood, it is not difficult to conclude that promising a support of 20 million pesos per team was the necessary stimulus, the right hook, to ‘fish’ those most in need, to obtain their vote, to pay treason and so on. win a ‘vote’ in the Assembly of the defunct Liga de Ascenso MX. The word ‘bribery’ is scary, it sounds very loud. It was then thought to rename it with a bombastic name, which did not smell so much manure. They called it a “financial bailout.” That word sounded like how magnanimous they have never been, like solidarity who will never be. ” And the soup falls from the plate to the mouth, those 20 million that were promised to “save” their finances in times of pandemic, did not arrive despite being promised for last April 27, as stated in point five of the statement that they sent to the teams on March 24, 2020 at 14:04. They tricked them. The objective was the purchase of votes to suspend the tournament and propose the elimination of the promotion. Precisely, in the dialogue that the representatives of Miners, Deer, Road Runner and Black Lions will hold: Lic. Martín Campechano, Lic. Juan de Dios Crespo and Lic. Ariel Reck, lawyers from two firms with a recognized track record in soccer matters and who They have already won trials in the TAS in their favor, they will seek to negotiate that the promotion be maintained, above all. If they want to benefit certain teams with economic fines for not descending, it will be another matter. The important thing is that the promotion is maintained and for that purpose they bring a series of arguments related to illegalities that were committed in the Ascent MX assembly, I do not say them so as not to warn the federations. Ahh, and sad, the “communicators” that justify illegal agreements and bribes. The matter will become interesting.



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