Yesterday in Latvia a tragically large number of Covid-19 deaths; 629 new infections were detected

In the past 24 days, 25 people have died from Covid-19 (one aged 45-50, eight aged 60-70, nine aged 70-80, six aged 80-90, one aged 90-95 ), according to the latest information from the SPKC.

Such a large number of deaths per day is registered in Latvia for the first time. The previous highest figure was announced on December 8, when the number of deaths was 16. In total, 349 people who have been diagnosed with Covid-19 have died in Latvia so far.

Proportion of positive cases against those tested: 11.7%. In Latvia, a total of 25,675 people have contracted Covid-19.

65 new Covid-19 patients were taken to hospitals yesterday. A total of 760 patients are treated in hospitals: 723 with moderate disease, 37 with severe disease. During the last day, 27 patients were discharged from the hospital – a total of 2030.

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