Yodphet Enny Muay Thai Strong boxing, kicking, punching, punching, punching the knees, wrestling, fighting violently, with perseverance throughout, training, preparing to come to win. Petch Lamphun (ball fluke) (Form after Petch Lamphun won the total score of Diamond at Om Noi) 122

Yod IQ (S. Thanapetch) PK Sanchai Muay Thai Gym (Winner of Hercules V. Chakawut at Omnoi) Kick boxing, punching, punching, precise knee punch, sharp, intelligent, IQ, superior to win Petch Thongchai TBM Gyms (wins TKO Tri Thep Por. Telakunlik 4, Omnoi), kicking, punching, punching, punching, knee, elbow, wrestling, hitting violently, but the core is second again, 138P.

Chanting Kiatpraison (lost ten thousand points, Peeraphat sub-district in Songkhla), kick boxing, punching, knee punch, fierce hit, but in the end, the second will lose to Petchdam (Palm Pattana Subdistrict Administrative Organization) Dab Chet Santiban (Wins The Little Candles score, the trick 99). Strong boxing, kicking, punching, punching, punching the knee, wrestling violently, with persistence over the end of 125 years o

Suekjit Mueangnon GMM 25, live photo, 16:30

Jomdech Jitmuangnon (won the red Chakkiat Songrit score at the school), kicking, punching, punching, fist-punching, fierce hitting, with persistence throughout the environment, cheer is better than winning the top 1 Ubon, disciple one Ubon (losing arrow points Thong (Lak Song Subdistrict), Miami Condo, Bang Pu, Nakhon Pathom), rhythmic boxing, kicking, punching, punching, precise, intense, smart, but prolonged clash.

Mahesuan Sat. sacrifice (won the score, Man U, Young, Fort Car Care At Samut Prakan), kick boxing, punching knees, elbows, wrestling violently, with persistence to win Petch Si Kew (Kor Kampanat) Sitkhunma (won Decharit score (Daeng Phanom Dong Rak) Sit Apidet at the school) Boxing, kicking, punching, punching, punching, punching the knee, wrestling, hitting violently, but rubbing, having collapsed, fun again, 129 per 130 years.

Majjuraj (The King) P. Pong Sawang (lost to TKO Bin Laden, Sit Chatri, the last round at Samut Prakan), kicking, punching, punching, thrusting the knee, elbow fierce, fighting spirit, but the state of Sangkharn is not allowed, will lose Superball Sityodtong (Losing the score of Pongsiri Chang, Chanthaburi in Nonthaburi), rhythmic boxing, kicking, punching, punching the knee with accurate, intense, smart, young body, more than 123 years old.

Yod Khun Khun Rajabhat University, Chom Bueng Village (Winsawitthaya Sirilak Muay Thai in Nonthaburi), kicking, punching, punching, elbow-thrusting, fierce hit, with persistence until winning Pichitchai (Kampee SAO), Sud Prasert University (losing Ramson’s score, disciple Seth. Tu in Nakhon Pathom) Kick boxing, kicking, punching rubber, punching the elbow is strong but prolonged, the end force is inferior, kind of fun, flips back and forth, 126 years.

Chai disciple Master Bie


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