Yogurt, a study destroys all our beliefs: alarming

Yogurt is one of the most popular and consumed diet products. Yet, according to a recent study, it seems that the vast majority of yogurts are not only unhealthy but even harmful products. Here are the details of the alarming discovery.

There are many consumers who eat yogurt as a healthy alternative to other snacks. Moreover, the idea that it is a healthy and useful product for health is widespread. On the contrary, a recent research by the University of Leeds has shown that this food is not healthy at all and that it can even pose risks to our health. But why are yoghurts so bad for our health now? Let’s be clear.

harmful yogurt

Many yogurts, at least 90% of what we find on supermarket shelves, do not offer the benefits they promise, on the contrary, they would appear to be harmful to our health. This is what scholars from the School of Food Sciences and Nutrition at the University of Leeds say. The researchers analyzed a sample of 900 yogurts and the result was disconcerting! A large number of the foods analyzed were found to be harmful to our health.

But why are yogurts bad for our health? Well, it seems that many of these foods, while promising enormous benefits to the body, contain an enormous amount of sugars, flavors and sweeteners. In short, maybe they will be very appetizing but, without a doubt, unhealthy.

Just to give an idea, in fruit yogurt proposed as low-fat yogurt, in some cases, there is a sugar ration equal to or even higher than that present in a sweet drink such as coca – cola. Therefore, eating this food frequently could lead to serious damage to our health, such as weight gain and increased risk of diabetes.

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Therefore, it seems that yogurt from a healthy and useful product for the daily diet, can become a real boomerang for the consumer’s health. Unfortunately, to date, there are still many consumers who do not consult the nutritional profile printed on the package, and choose the product simply based on their personal tastes. For this reason, experts recommend checking that the ingredients of this food are only milk and enzymes. Among those to be preferred: Greek yogurt and natural ones.


However, it must be clear that it is certainly possible to buy and consume “fake yogurt” from time to time, but it is advisable to always keep in mind what exactly they are, that is, desserts rich in sugar and calories!