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‘The sound of Martian wind’ that came to Earth… Exploration rover landing video released


The sound of Martian wind was vividly transmitted to Earth.

NASA, NASA, has unveiled the sound of Martian winds recorded by the probe Perseverance.

The video of the landing on Mars was also released.

This is reporter Kim Young-man.


The faint sound that sounds like something is fluttering is the sound of the wind blowing on Mars.

One contains the mechanical sound of a rover called’Rover’, and the other is pure wind noise with the mechanical sound removed.

NASA, NASA, has unveiled the sound of Martian winds recorded by exploration rover Perseverance.

This is the first time the sound of Martian wind has been transmitted to Earth.

“The sound you hear about 10 seconds is the sound of wind picked up by a microphone from the surface of Mars. It was sent by a rover to Earth. It is measured at a wind speed of about 5 meters per second.”

NASA has also released vivid footage from the exploration rover’s landing on Mars.

The video starts about four minutes after the rover enters the Martian atmosphere.

The rover parachuted from above, descended at a speed of 145 meters per second, and shot the red earth on Mars with the camera.

Just before landing, the engine’s reverse propulsion caused a rough wind on the Mars ground, and the probe settled in red dust.

Mars sent to Earth by the Exploration Rover looked like Earth.

“This is Mars. This scene is familiar to us. It resembles the mountains and rocks behind there, the Earth.”

The exploration rover is tasked with finding traces of life on Mars billions of years ago, including collecting and storing Martian soil and rocks for the next two years.

This is Yonhap News, Kim Youngman. (ymkim@yna.co.kr)

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