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[SNS 핫피플] Girl group Sujin “I smoked a few times, but there was no school abuse”

Girl group Sujin “I smoked a few times, but there was no gangster”

This is SNS hot people.

The entertainment world is noisy.

This is because suspicions of celebrities’ school violence continue to erupt.

Today on SNS Hot People, we meet a celebrity who stands at the center of the controversy over the academic violence.

First, it’s Sujin, a member of the girl group’s children. The controversy over Sujin’s school violence started with an author who recently revealed to an online community that Sujin and middle school alumni.

The author posted a post to the effect that “My younger brother was extorted by Sujin and was violated.”

Regarding this, the agency said that even though they had quarreled with the controversial party, the content of school violence, etc., alleged by the author was not at all true.

Then, the netizen who wrote the article again posted the article, insisting on Sujin’s school abuse, and suggested a specific situation.

Then Sujin said, “It is true that he was a prominent child in school and always had bad rumors.

He said, “I have worn clothes that are inappropriate for students and have smoked a few times out of curiosity.”

Kim Dong-hee’s agency “not working in fact… legal action scheduled”

Suspicion of academia has also been raised against actor Kim Dong-hee who appeared in’Sky Castle’ and’Human Class’.

The author, who introduced himself as Kim Dong-hee’s elementary school alumni, told an online community social media conversation with alumni who claimed to have suffered damage by saying, “A child whose everyday life is hitting and harassing children is proud of her celebrity job and hates being loved by people.” I have attached a picture.

Regarding this, the agency said, “This article was first published in 2018, and as a result of checking the facts with the actor and the school officials at the time, the agency confirmed that there was nothing related to school abuse.” He said it would proceed.

In addition to the celebrities mentioned today, quite a few celebrities are being blamed as perpetrators of school violence.

In response to this situation, various reactions such as’causal retribution’ and concerns that it may flow into’witch hunt’ at the same time come out.

So far, it has been an SNS hot people.

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