“Yoon Sang-hyun “I didn’t even know the names of Nam Jin and Kim Ki-hyun… reckless publicity”” – The Herald Economy

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On the 27th, Rep. Kim Ki-hyun, a runner of the people’s power, released a photo taken with women’s volleyball player Kim Yeon-kyung and singer Nam Jin on his Facebook page. Rep. Kim said on Facebook, “I would like to express my sincere gratitude to player Kim Yeon-kyung and teacher Nam Jin, who even prepared a bouquet. Thanks to your generous support and support, I will definitely win.” [김기현 페이스북]

[헤럴드경제=홍석희 기자] People’s Power Party runner People’s Power Rep. Sang-hyun Yoon said that he said, “I didn’t even know Kim Ki-hyun’s name” while disclosing the fact of the phone call with singer Nam Jin in connection with the controversy over the photo of’Nam Jin and Kim Yeon-kyung’ by Rep. Kim Ki-hyun. Rep. Yoon emphasized that Rep. Kim’s reckless publicity lowers the prestige of the party.

On the morning of the 1st, Rep. Yoon appeared on MBC Radio’s ‘Kim Jong-bae’s Attention’ and said, “I called Mr. Nam Jin (after the controversy). I see that older brother (Namjin) sometimes, and (Namjin) asked what his name was. I don’t even know (Kim Ki-hyun’s) name.”

When asked if he didn’t know the name of Rep. Kim Ki-hyun, Rep. Yoon said, “I don’t even know the name. He asked me what his name was. So what happened (I asked) ‘Hey, I met 2 minutes, 2 minutes. 2 minutes. We met, but the bouquet was not prepared by me. who just brought it I took a picture and just left.” He said, “‘Does this happen in the world?

Rep. Yoon said, “I know a lot of celebrities in Korea. However, he took a picture with Namjin teacher, who had no one-on-one relationship, and posted it on Facebook saying he supported him,” he said. That’s not right. He lied. This is a leader’s trust issue. Then how can a person who campaigns like that lead the general election? Really, this is a matter of one’s personal trust. The aftermath will be significant,” he criticized.

Rep. Yoon emphasized that he is ‘Jin Yoon’ and said, “Honestly, Candidate Ki-Hyun Kim is completely marketing. It’s ‘Yun Sim-pal, Yun-Shim Marketing’. This doesn’t help the president in the end. Who is talking about the president’s relationship?” “My God, I met the president, that’s the president’s will, I never talk about that. I myself must stand as a candidate. Rather, it is not a burden to the president,” he emphasized.

On the other hand, Congressman Kim said on his Facebook page on January 27, “I had a comfortable evening with familiar faces after a long time.” I would like to express my sincere thanks to the teacher. Thanks to your generous support and support, I will definitely win.”

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