Yordi Carvajal presents several pits with the opportunity to surprise at 5 and 6 in La Rinconada | Equestrianism 123

Engels Alfredo Medina Araque

Yordi Carvajal presents six horses at the 40th meeting of the La Rinconada racecourse. Five of them will run in the competitions valid for the game of 5 and 6.

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Strength Fortaleza is his first appearance in the role, he is one of the outsiders of the third race of the program, a competition in which The King Zeus emerges as the logical candidate to defeat.

In the first valid of the 5 and 6 he goes with Strength Arnor, a horse that reappears after 238 days without running, in his debut he measured horses like Amelazado and Gran Pepe, surely it will be very popular at the box office.

In the fourth valid, he presents Strength Gaels. This is one of the pits of the race, the distance of 1100 is ideal for him and with Francisco Quevedo in the stirrups it will be a tough nut to crack.

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The other three presented by Carvajal are: Latina Europea in the ninth, Astra and Juana La Guerrera in the accumulated. The trainer’s last triumph was with the Quincy mare in May.