Yoselyn Ortega, the “nanny of horror” convicted of murder


Yoselyn Ortega, the nanny who killed the two grandchildren in her care in Manhattan in 2012, was found guilty of both murders on Wednesday. She incurs life imprisonment. Yoselyn Ortega, the nanny accused of killing two children in 2012 in Manhattan, was found guilty Wednesday after two days of deliberation. The father of the children, Kevin Krim, who was in the courtroom, burst into tears at the verdict, murmuring a “thank you” to the jury, according to journalists present at his side. Manhattan Chief Public Prosecutor Cyrus Vance praised the verdict and paid tribute to the “strength” of the jurors and the “courage” of Krim’s parents in the face of “these horrific murders”. “Finding a child care arrangement is one of the most difficult decisions parents have to make (…) I am wholeheartedly with you, as I have been every day for five years” , he said, Kevin Krim at his side, during a brief press conference. “No parent should be confronted with the loss of a child, especially not in the hands of someone they trust.” He confirmed that he would apply for life imprisonment at the sentencing hearing scheduled for 14 May. The facts took place in the upscale Upper West Side of Manhattan. Lucia, age 6, and Leo, age 2, were stabbed to death by their nanny, who then suffered serious injuries. At the time, Commissioner Raymond Kelly explained that Yoselyn Ortega had been working for the family for two years. When questioned, the paternal grandfather of the victims explained that they had never heard any complaints about this woman. “I do not think there could be a better family. I do not understand what happened with the nanny, “he added. Affected by depression However, neighbors had told the New York Post That Yoselyn Ortega seemed weakened and sick lately. “She broke down,” said her sister Celia Ortega. “We do not understand what happened in her head,” she added. Of Dominican origin, Yoselyn Ortega reportedly complained of too many hours working with the family and running out of money, according to a police source quoted by the “New York Post”. After the tragedy, Yoselyn Ortega spent several weeks in the hospital. Once in a state of being interrogated, she told the investigators, “You do not know what I endured because of them”. What her lawyers describe as delusional, arguing that she was still under the influence of strong drugs at that time. But the prosecutors argued that these mental problems had been invoked a posteriori by the defense and relatives of the nanny, and that Ortega harbored deep resentment against the mother, Marina Krim. This case had an international impact thanks to the novel of the French-Moroccan writer Leïla Slimani “Sweet Song”, Prix Goncourt 2016, which highlighted the difference of classes between a wealthy family and an immigrant nanny with many personal and financial difficulties . Any reproduction prohibited


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