Young people during a march for the climate in Montpellier, on January 27, 2019. – Alain ROBERT / SIPA

The mobilization of young people for the climate has won France. Parisian students voted to launch a "school strike" movement every Friday starting on February 15th. They join the movement of high school students from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United States or Australia, who every Friday, dry the courses to demonstrate in favor of the climate, the call of the young Swedish activist
Greta Thunberg. Elsewhere in France, some thirty cities responded to the call of the Youth for Climate France collective for a major mobilization on March 15th.

>> What do you think of these mobilizations? Do you find them useful? Why ? Do you plan to participate on Fridays and March 15th? Have you ever participated in a walk for the climate? You can testify in the comments or send an email to Do not forget to specify your age and whether you are a high school student or a student. Your testimonials will be used to write an article. Thank you in advance.


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