World You are like a potato chip

You are like a potato chip


So You can of course also sell the Megxit to your readers: You show the Queen from behind on the front page and put the headline “Queen Elizabeth – The world says goodbye – In the end everything happened very quickly”.

Jörg Thomann

Editor in the “Life” section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

Thereby “the world” takes in the currentwho came up with this, of course not saying goodbye to the queen, but to the royal family: she is now destroyed, this “castle of values ​​such as sense of duty, gratitude and unconditional cohesion”, which “preserves our belief in tradition and loyalty” have. This is well observed: Dutifully like Prince Andrew, loyal like Charles & Diana & Camilla and always unconditionally sticking together like the whole bunch, that’s exactly how the British Royal Family knows and loves this world.

Fence post over the skull

But living together in families is never always conflict-free anywhere. Not even with the film producer Alice Brauner and her husband Michael Zechbauer, who comes from an emotionally reserved family: “We were dependent on the finest nuances in the facial expressions to guess what the other one meant,” he says colorful, “And then I come to the Brauners in Berlin, where you can just get it over the head with the fence post and always the loudest one wins.” Unfortunately, Zechbauer does not mention how many fence post blows against his head he tried to react with the finest nuances of his facial expressions until he finally struck back for the first time.

With the finest nuances of facial expressions, we naturally immediately think of Til Schweiger. He has the with his daughter Lilli image-Newspaper gave an interview in which Lilli says about him: “Papa is a single pringle.” When asked by the father what that should be, she specifies: “He is a single pringle who is all alone.”

We don’t find it flattering to be compared to a spurned potato chip by our own daughter. On the other hand, if you consider that such a single pringle had previously been in the box with about ninety others, then the picture with Til Schweiger may not be that bad.



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