“You are not alone”: Fabrizzio needed a computer to study and received a barrage of help

Daniel Malnatti showed us another happy ending to a moving story. A family from Ezeiza received the solidarity of dozens of people. In the middle, an infinite emotion.

Last week, Daniel Malnatti was with Fabrizzio in his section “You’re not alone” in Telenoche. Neighbor of Ezeiza, asked for a computer to be able to study online while under quarantine. In the note, her family also counted a huge number of needs that they had to shovel in the middle of this pandemic.

When Telenoche made known the story the offers of help multiplied in seconds throughout the country. Y emotion was the protagonist of this story.

Gabriel approached from Escobar and handed the long-awaited computer to Fabrizzio. But this did not stop there. He gave all his brothers a tablet. “It was not necessary,” said the mother, moved by the demonstration of love. “We have to get out of this problem together, there is no magic solution,” said Gabriel with the intention that his gesture motivates others to do the same.

Solidarity bridge. Daniel Malnatti once again witnessed that, in times of crisis, there is always a helping hand.

But he was not the only one who approached. Carlos came from Ramos Mejía because he wanted to help Fabrizzio’s sister. She had commented that with her savings she had bought some clothes to sell. So, he brought her several bags of clothes so that she can do it from an Instagram account. “The best way to collaborate is to help people have jobs,” said Carlos, hiding behind a mountain of clothes that he transported in his car.

Jorge was another of the main protagonists of this chain of solidarity. An employee of the private sector and with his job stopped, he bought them a water heater in installments and with his card. “I’m bad too but I want them to get ahead,” the man said through tears. His testimony moved Fabrizzio’s family and the drivers of Telenoche. “We were very moved,” they said. María Laura Santillán and Diego Leuco.



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