“You are too anxious.” But he actually suffered from heart disease

I medici they tell him it’s too much anxiousbut it actually has a heart problem. Tom Roberts, a 27 year old Britishwas cared for 10 years as an anxious subject, but in reality the symptoms he complained of were the indication of a heart problem. Tom discovered he was sick only after so much insistence and so many checks done with different doctors.

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Today, the 27-year-old decided to tell his story and start a fundraiser to raise awareness of hidden heart conditions in young people. “In the period between my teens and my 25s, I was struck by a number of vague but often debilitating symptoms. These ranged from palpitations and chest pain to a rapid heartbeat and severe bouts of fatigue, ”he told the local press. Tom was young and sporty, which is why the numerous doctors consulted associated everything with anxiety and stress.

For years he took anxiolytics, without them having any effect, then, almost by chance, the diagnosis of the heart problem arrived. During some tests for another unrelated disorder, he was advised to do an EKG which revealed abnormalities. Tom was found to have Wolff-Parkinson White (WPW) syndrome, an abnormal cardiac conduction that often occurs with tachycardia.

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