The minister of public Accounts, Gérald Darmanin, has announced this weekend.

“The customs controls at the borders are going to be put in place to compensate for a possible relocation of the purchases of tobacco in a border area. Beyond the less than the permitted allowance. And the Alpes-Maritimes, at the end related with Italy, will not escape.”

>> READ it again. With the increase in the price of a package of cigarettes, the tobacco shops of the Côte d’azur fear a rush towards Italy

“We have halted all testing program for the days to come,” prevents Marie-Catherine Kuntz-Pinguet, deputy regional director of Customs said that this will affect not only the roads.

On 2.2 tonnes of contraband tobacco seized in 2016 half the had been at the airport of Nice.

The amounts allowed

The import of tobacco is allowed within the following limits per adult:

4 cartons of cigarettes, or 800 cigarettes and no more.

we can, however, combine with the following products : 1kg of rolling tobacco; 400 cigarillos and 200 cigars.

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