You can make AirPods Pro steadily crackle for the next year

Image from the article titled Psst!  Apple gives you one more year to fix your broken AirPods Pro

Photo: Adam Clark Estes / Gizmodo

When AirPods Pro first launched in 2019, some experienced audio issues such as crackling or active noise cancellation. A year later – just when the warranty ran out – Apple Offer free repair software for affected users. This program was supposed to end this month, but now it turns out that Apple has extended it for another year.

The change was first observed reddit (via Mac Rumors). at the very bottom of the Apple-pageNow it says the program will cover affected AirPods Pro devices for three years. Since Apple states that AirPods Pros were produced before October 2020, that means the software will remain in effect until October 2022.

Specifically, the program deals with two types of problems. The first is any type of crackling or static that increases in noisy environments, with exertion or during telephone conversations. The second is if the ANC doesn’t work as expected. Some examples that Apple provides are a vibrating bass or an increase in ambient noise.

If you hear crackling noises, Apple First tips Make sure you have the latest software on the Apple devices you connect to. It is also recommended to make sure there is no wireless interference and to test if it is an app related issue. If none of that works, it’s time to take advantage of the free repair program. You can take the affected earbuds to Apple (through its support line or at an Apple Store) or an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

There are a few other conditions to keep in mind. For starters, your popping buds should qualify for the program. This means no AirPods or AirPods Max. according to Mac RumorsAirPods Pro are also checked to see if they are already affected. Apparently most people with crackling buttons have already taken advantage of the free repair. But if you have launched a pair of AirPods Pro with sound issues and for whatever reason, you did not? You get an extra year to prepare.