You can play these games in Steam Next Fest

A few years ago we had never heard of Steam Next Fest, but now it seems like they are following each other faster and faster. After all, the next edition is just around the corner.

And as you’ve come to expect from us, we’ve rounded up the games that we know are getting a demo and that we think are worth checking out. Of course, this is just a short list that could be expanded, so if you feel like something is missing, you’re more than welcome to report it on our Discord. That said, here’s what caught our eye:

Rough Justice 84

Run a security company and let it thrive. Provide protection, catch criminals and make sure situations end well for both customers and staff.

Play the demo on Steam.


It may look like a classic JRPG from a publisher known for it, but don’t let that fool you. Overrogue is a roguelite that you play through cards. Do you build the best deck or do you let the cards see you?

Play the demo on Steam.

Happening Ritual

Grab your friends and as many weapons as possible. All sorts of hideous creatures are out to kill you and you’re not going to make it through the night alone. And yes, as the name suggests, this is a game in the same universe as Maid of Sker.

Play the demo on Steam.

Garden Simulator

Peter already let you know earlier this week, but in this list he should not be missing: Garden Simulator. And what more do we need to say? After all, the name says it all.

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Play the demo on Steam.


You could also read about this demo before, but since the game was only revealed a few days ago, you probably missed it. In Sapiens you have to build a prehistoric civilization, but on a much more personal scale than what you are probably used to from this genre.

Play the demo on Steam.

End of Lines

In a future where climate change has left its mark on the planet, End of Lines follows a family trying to survive in these harsh conditions.

Play the demo on Steam.

Great Houses of Calderia

As the rightful successor to your noble house, ensuring its future rests on your shoulders. Make alliances, wage wars and raise posterity in this grand strategy game. Or get a sneak peek in this video.

Play the demo on Steam.

Power Chord

It’s the Battle of the Bands. Strike the right notes and play the right cards for thunderous applause. But don’t let the cards get to you, because then the curtain could fall quickly.

Play the demo on Steam.

Trepang 2

When bullets whiz around your ears and blood flows like beer in a sorority, there are few games you can sit in. DOOM or Wolfenstein for example. Or in Trepang2, as you can see in this trailer.

Play the demo on Steam.

One More Gate

A strategic deck builder in the Wakfu universe, which was only revealed yesterday and is already available to play.

Play the demo on Steam.

Update 1: End of Lines, Great Houses of Calderia, Power Chord, Trepang 2 en One More Gate toegevoegd

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