«You can see it’s a team playing against Benfica» – Benfica

Distinguished Benfica supporters analyze the game against V. Guimarães

Benfica won for the seventh round in a row (1-3) and began to build the triumph against V. Guimarães in the first half, with two goals from Yaremchuk, and he could have reached the rest with another score. In the second half, the reds saw the Minho appear in more danger, especially by Estúpiñan, but João Mário sentenced the match. Bruno Duarte scored the goal of honor by V. Guimarães from the penalty spot. Record heard known Benfica supporters about the match.

António Figueiredo, former leader
“Benfica practically dominated the game in its entirety. It is an undisputed winner and when that is the case there is little to say. The best of the game turns out to be Yaremchuk, who scored two goals, but the team did well. collective”.

Duarte Marques, deputy
“It was a good football game. It’s a more organized team, you can see that it’s a team playing against Benfica. Vitória have great players and a great coach, but Benfica dominated. We have a great squad and this season there is no excuses for playing poorly”.

Pedro Adão e Silva, university professor
“I think that, against the theoretically toughest opponent so far, it was the most convincing performance of the season. Benfica were very balanced defensively, the pressure worked and the goals were natural. Benfica managed in a positive way.”

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