“You didn’t even thank when I presented the title of City with a victory over Liverpool, reports Mourinho – Company – Football

Former Manchester United head coach Jose Mourinho jokingly told the ex-captain of Manchester City Vincent Kompani that he deserved thanks for helping the townspeople win the English championship in the 2017/18 season.

Then, in the match of the 30th round, Manchester United defeated Liverpool (2: 1), who fought against City for the title, thanks to the double of Marcus Rashford.

“Over the past 10 years, Liverpool has repeatedly led the table. And there have been times when Man City has lagged behind, ”the Company said.

“But the strongest team was City. When I gave you the title, no one told me thanks. When I beat Liverpool, you didn’t even call, you didn’t say “Thank you, Mr.”.

You (City) are the strongest team. They were not the best. Nevertheless, now I believe that there is not much difference between the teams, even in terms of status.

You are the champions of England, they are the champions of Europe, ”said the Mourinho Company in the studio Sky Sports.

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