You don’t have to use drugs, these are 10 safe ways to lower cholesterol levels

| | – Often considered bad and bad, who would have thought cholesterol was also needed by the body. There are two types of cholesterol, namely good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL). It is your job to keep this cholesterol level in balance, lest the bad cholesterol level be higher than good cholesterol.

To keep it balanced, there are several steps that can be done and don’t always have to be with drugs. One of them is paying attention to lifestyle.

Let’s see how to safely lower cholesterol levels in the body below!

1. Exercise regularly
Have you exercised? In fact, exercising for 30 minutes five times a week is effective at increasing good cholesterol levels in the body. You don’t need to focus on strenuous exercise, just do the ones with light and fun intensity. Call it a leisurely walk or jog near the house.

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You should also keep moving even when doing daily activities, such as stretching between work hours.

2. Avoid Trans Fat
The next step to maintain cholesterol is to maintain a healthy diet. If possible, avoid consuming trans fats.

This type of fat can be found in food items such as beef, mutton, and milk. Processed foods such as fried foods, chips, and crackers also contain high levels of trans fats.

Instead, choose low -fat foods as your daily menu. Among other things fish, egg whites, tempeh, and tofu.

3. Pay attention to daily calorie intake
It is no less important is to maintain the intake of calories that enter the body every day. For information, adults need about 2000 calories per day. Eating too many calories can increase body weight which in turn contributes to cholesterol levels in the body.

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4. Drinking Grape Juice Is One Way To Lower Cholesterol
Grapes contain many antioxidant compounds such as flavonoids, piceatannol, and resveratrol. These antioxidants can produce phytonutrients that are useful for lowering high cholesterol.

Instead of taking drugs, you can start eating grapes or process them into juice. You can also process it with other fruits so you don’t get bored.

You can choose to consume grapes directly or make them into juice. Mixing it with other fruit can also be an alternative so you don’t get bored.

5. Consumption of Foods Rich in Omega-3 Content
Omega-3, especially DHA, can lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood. Examples of foods rich in Omega-3s are salmon, mackerel, tuna and sardines. Because eating natural foods alone is not enough to meet your daily Omega-3 needs, taking supplements can also help supplement your needs for this substance.

6. Quit Smoking
It is common knowledge that smoking has a negative impact on health. In addition, smoking also contributes to increasing levels of bad cholesterol in the body.

That said, blood pressure and heart rate will be more stable 20 minutes after smoking. Not only that, blood circulation and lungs will also be better if you stop smoking for three months.

7. Get enough rest
Adequate sleep is also one of the easiest ways to lower bad cholesterol. A study has shown that people who are sleep deprived will experience a tendency to eat more, move less, and stress.

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Stress can affect the balance of good and bad cholesterol in the body and increase triglyceride levels which make LDL increase.

8. Expand High-Fiber Foods
High-fiber foods such as vegetables, fruit, and nuts contain high fiber and are very useful for lowering cholesterol naturally. Not only that, fiber is also good for maintaining digestive health.

9. Drink Lime Water regularly
Are you the one who loves a glass of lime water to quench your thirst? The good news is, lemons contain flavonoids, antioxidant compounds that can protect the body against free radicals.

The trick, mix lime juice with warm water and consume it regularly morning and evening. However, consult your doctor first for those of you who have acid reflux disorders.

10. Don’t Discard Mangosteen Skin
After every time you eat the mangosteen fruit, you will immediately throw the skin away. Starting from this second, try to change the habit. The reason is, mangosteen peel contains xanthones, an active ingredient as an anti-cancer and antioxidant substance. In fact, the content is much stronger than vitamins C and E.

The trick, boil fresh mangosteen peel from the fruit that is completely ripe for 10 minutes. Discard the water, then put the mangosteen peel in the ice for 10 minutes.

Blend without any mixture. Strain and squeeze the water until you get an extract. Take 2 tablespoons of this extract every day.

This is an easy and safe way to try to get rid of cholesterol levels. Easy right? Good luck!


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