“You have to go to Melito’s.” Victim beaten and robbed, the names of the 5 arrested of the Amato-Pagano

Hard blow to the Amato-Pagano for 5 subjects. In handcuffs they are finished Eduardo Napoletano, Francesco Siviero, Antonio de Stefano, Giuseppe Siviero and Luigi Ferro. The investigations, coordinated by the DDA, and carried out by the Carabinieri of the Compagnia di Marano, led to the arrest of 5 subjects accused of robbery and carrying and illegal possession of weapons (only for one of the suspects). In addition to threats and private violence, all crimes aggravated by the mafia method.

The facts date back to June 2021. They are accused of attacking a person just because he was in Melito, his native town. She had moved away from here a few years ago because she was linked to a member of the clan. He too, in turn, moved away from the territory following internal conflicts that arose within the Amato-Pagano clan. The investigations made it possible to reconstruct the involvement of those arrested in the crimes, which culminated in violent abduction of the car. Actions aimed at reaffirming the force of intimidation and the iron control of the territory by the Amato-Pagano clan, historically hegemon, among others, in the municipality of Melito di Napoli.

Per Neapolitan Eduardo, defended by the lawyer Celestino Gentile, and for Siviero Francesco defended by the lawyer Alessandro Caserta, two interrogations have already been scheduled at the Secondigliano prison. The last one who was untraceable, De Stefano Antonio, very close to Domenico Amato Junior, (defended by Alessandro Caserta) surrendered himself to the Secondigliano prison.

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