You have to know how to lose. Letta knows how to do it, Salvini on the other hand does not

The difference between the leader of the Democratic Party and that of the League can be seen in the day after the vote: one composed, who knows his end and tries to look her in the eye, the other in shirt sleeves who tries optimism to conceal the defeat

As the great Cundari says, if there is one thing the left is very good at, it is the analysis of its own defeats; added to the other propensity of the Democratic Party, liquidating its secretaries more or less annually, helps to understand the functional sobriety, the human posture, with which yesterday morning Enrico Letta he announced, in a nutshell at the press conference, that the congress will be called shortly, he will guide the path in a spirit of service, “but I will not present myself as a candidate”. On the other geopolitical side of Italy, in the same moments, after being closed in the offices of Via Bellerio during the long Sunday night – no declarations, at least Letta had sent Serracchiani to challenge the platoon of reporters – Matteo Salvinithe other great loser, gave a different and opposite interpretation of the role, and if it is possible to make rankings, more poor.

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