“You have to tell each other the real deal”

According to defender Kristopher Letang, telling each other the four truths when the situation is not looking good is an art that is lost in today’s sports locker room and among the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Quebecer as well as captain Sidney. Crosby isn’t afraid to call out a teammate who seems to be promoting bad habits at work.

In discussion with host Renaud Lavoie during the most recent “Lavoie-Letang” podcast, the hockey player was able to cite the famous Michael Jordan as an example on this subject. The professional basketball legend did not go through four ways to express his moods during his heyday with the Chicago Bulls. In front of everyone, he raised the tone towards some who could do more according to him, and this, no matter if the way of doing it might be humiliating for the person concerned.

Are this type of discourse and these very specific circumstances still feasible in the sport of the 2020s? Letang has his opinion on the subject.

“Honestly, yes, it is still possible, because I live it every day. Me and Sid have an attitude, if you don’t want to give your best. If I don’t give Sid hard and if he doesn’t do it with me, when can we improve? There will be no possible time to do so. […] It’s a bit boring, because we can’t face each other and tell each other the real deal. You have to wear white gloves all the time, then always flatter people with the grain. ”

“Like Michael Jordan says, do you think the other one is going to give you a ‘break’ in the game tomorrow night, or ask permission to block and crash into you?” continued Letang, who just didn’t go there with the back of the spoon to deliver the back of his mind. For me, Jordan, who asks more and more of his teammates, passes for a tr … of …, but it is 100% sure that he allowed nine players out of the other 10 of be better than expected. Today these guys got what, six rings [de championnat]? I don’t know why we criticize him. ”

The results are in

Thus, as with the Bulls, the great dynasty of the NBA of the 1990s, the Penguins have accumulated success thanks to their leaders. There was Mario Lemieux at the same time, the Quebecer winning two Stanley Cups in 1991 and 1992. Then, in the following century, the Crosby, Letang, Evgeni Malkin and Marc-André Fleury lifted the trophy three times from 2009 to 2017. .

To achieve this, it was necessary to know how to correct the shot at the critical moment, but before that, to convey the message to the players concerned.

“Me, I’m an athlete and I don’t know why I’m playing hockey if not to try to win a championship. So it takes what it takes, he said. If it takes a superstar like Michael Jordan to tell me I’m rotten today and should start waking up, well this is it. In the end, will they send you a letter telling you to wake up? No.”