You like your box? Tell us why and be part of the national challenge “J'love my box”

You like your box? Tell us why and be part of the national challenge “J'love my box”


I love my box, Nice-Matin, because it allows me to exercise my profession as a journalist in the Alpes-Maritimes and I love it. I love my company for many other reasons too, including its ability to inform you every day, every hour now, her determination to develop a journalism of solutions in addition to our daily lives, but on this one, it is your testimony that we are interested in.

As seven employees out of ten, you also love your box and you want to say ? Send us your testimony by email to the address [email protected] with the subject I love my box.

Your selfie, your first and last names, the name of your company and your declaration of love and it is posted : we will publish the best ones on our website.

the employee : a leading role

I love my box is in its fifteenth edition. It was launched by Sophie De Menthon to shake up the mentality and to show that French employees have a deep commitment to their business.

At the outset, the polls, and did not believe the bosses were the idea surreal, the HR managers were gun-shy. Employees have embraced the idea and today 250000 companies participating in the feast“, says Sophie De Menthon.

The purpose of this day is to consider the company primarily as a human adventure. To enhance its own role in the company. To support the staff in their role. To fill the need of a relationship. Share a friendly moment at the initiative of everyone in the company.

Do move your box

I love my box, addressed to all colleagues, officers, retirees, suppliers, customers, companies and public and private institutions. The goal : to celebrate the company, to show him our commitment. How ? By organizing social events in-house, starting with breakfast.

I love my box can also take the form of a wall of post-it in a strategic place of the enterprise, a sporting challenge, a contest of decoration of offices, photocall, yoga giant, an appointment of the generosity. You will find lots of ideas on the site

Our initiative to us is this call to witness. Participate-y.

A national challenge in addition to

And if you want to go further, you can also participate in the national challenge in I love my box, a photo contest with giveaways The participation is free of charge.

The only issue in this challenge : send a positive message to the company, and to create usability.

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