You must know, the HTSC feature on the Honda PCX 160 turns out to have advantages and disadvantages – For those of you who want to buy or own a Honda PCX 160, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages available in this motorbike feature.

In order to improve performance, every motorcycle factory always creates new innovations to develop their products, and the Honda PCX 160 manufacturer is no exception.

Last year, PT. Astra Honda Motor has set sales targets for the Honda PCX 160 and PCX 150 to reach hundreds of thousands of units.

The number is definitely very large. However, in reality, the Honda PCX 160 and PCX 150 received great interest from the public.

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This is of course inseparable from the performance, features, and price which are the advantages of these products.

Bondowoso Network quotes from the Astra Honda website, there are lots of features available on the Honda PCX 160, one of which is HTSC.

For those who don’t know the HTSC function on a motorbike, follow the explanation below.

HTSC stands for Honda Selectable Torque Control which is found in the Honda PCX 160 and several other Honda products.