you will soon be able to make hidden appearances for some

New updates are coming to the iOS and Android versions of WhatsApp. They will allow a user to more easily hide his personal information from other users who are not necessarily in his contacts.

WhatsApp on smartphone // Source : Unsplash – Mika Baumeister

After improvements on group calls, new security features are coming to WhatsApp for your good. They will allow you to have more advanced control over your account information.

This is the website Techradar who spotted these new security features that were only available in beta for a long time. This includes your profile picture, description, and last seen status. You can now limit your status so that these details are only accessible to certain people.

Manage who can see your profile pictures

This WhatsApp update, available on both iOS and Android, focuses in particular on the “Seen at” function. Until now, you could leave this information in public, restrict access to a few, or prevent the information from appearing for everyone. This function is a particularly crystallizing point, because it indicates when you were able to read your last messages. A drama for those to whom you would not have answered and who could experience it as a personal affront.

Since the end of 2021, WhatsApp has therefore been thinking about a way to manage this option, especially with people you have not identified as contacts or with whom you have never discussed. You should be able to limit your “Seen at” status for some. But know that in return, you will not see theirs. For your profile picture, by clicking on it, you will see a message “My contacts except…”. You select your favorites, group or list to manage your permissions and restrict the number of people who can recognize you.

To take advantage of this update, you must ensure that your application is up to date. The deployment has started, but without certainty that all users will benefit immediately.

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